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MET Soccer Academy has added Golden MET program, a customized program for all youth soccer players who want to continue their development with the goal of becoming a professional player.

Thanks to this program, boys and girls from Spain and across the globe will have the opportunity to become some of the best soccer players in the world by following the instructions of our professional coaches. They will show you the way to achieve your soccer potential by understanding the importance of human values like fair play, solidarity and maximum effort. Among the many values it takes to achieve this high level, we believe these are the foundation to become a professional soccer player.

Specific GoldenMET Work

  • GoldenMET Individual: Offensive
  • GoldenMET Individual: Defensive
  • GoldenMET Technical: Tactical
  • GoldenMET Individual: Technical & Strategyc
  • GoldenMET Individual: Psychological
  • GoldenMET Individual: Conditioning
  • GoldenMET Team

GoldenMET Individual: Offensive

  • Field Players : Ball control, passing, receiving, dribbling moves, heading & shooting
  • Goalkeepers: Ball control (both hand and feet), passing, recieving, distribution, overarm throw & punting

GoldenMET Individual: Defensive

  • Field Players: Anticipation, interception, containment, covering & marking
  • Goalkeepers: Blocking, shot stopping, diving, breakaways & organizing the defense

GoldenMET Individual: Tactical

  • Field Players: Supporting, making runs, movement off the ball, switching, reading the game and specific movement for each position
  • Goalkeepers: Positioning, movement in and out the goal, judgment and reading the game.

GoldenMET Individual: Technical & Strategyc

  • field Players and Goalkeepers : free kicks, penalties, corner kicks, set plays

GoldenMET Individual: Psychological

  • Field Players and Goalkeepers: Motivation, self esteem, positive attitude, preparation For the game & knowing how to handle stress

GoldenMET Individual: Conditioning

  • Field Players and Goalkeepers: Speed and agility, strength, core conditioning, gym and recovery work at the pool

GoldenMET Team

  • Field Players and Goalkeepers: Team formation, keeping the shape, pressing, game preparation, spreading the field, counter attacks and supporting


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